Oct 08

The Cross as a Secular Symbol of Freedom

2ooo years ago a man from Nazareth in ancient Galilee was condemned to death by crucifixion at the behest of a powerful local lobby.  Though guilty of no other crime than what was deemed a treasonous position to the dominant theocratic politics of the population, the controlling  judicial authority of Rome, for reasons of expediency, complied with their demands and the Nazarene was tried, convicted, and executed on a crude wooden cross.

This was nothing more nor less than the political murder of a man for what he believed to be true.  He was essentially sacrificed for his opinion and for proselytizing the same.  His name became legendary and the Cross became the symbol of his sacrifice for his beliefs.  Several religions developed subsequent to these events, derived in large part from his ideas, that became highly influential among much of the worlds populations albeit with both positive and negative consequences as it evolved through the times.   But none of this diminishes the  value of one man sacrificing his own life for what he believed in.  This was a unique phenomena emerging from the annals of history regardless of the use men of lesser character have made of it.  The Cross is the enduring symbol of sacrifice for the right to believe what one wants and speaks to.   This is the First Freedom, recognized and protected in our Constitution.  It is most ironic that this symbol should be denigrated and removed from public view on public property.   To say that this symbol should not be allowed on public property for some spurious notion of separation of religion from the power of the state is contemptuous of all men and women who have made such sacrifice, regardless of any issue of faith.  The Cross, at a secular level, should be regarded as a universal symbol of freedom respecting the sacrifice of free men and women everywhere.   It should be honored as such without acrimony.

I would remind anyone who objects to such a symbol of liberty of a soldiers prayer that emerged from World War I.

“Oh God, if there is a God, save my Soul, if I have a Soul.” Author Unknown.

Such is the religion inspired by war, an activity sponsored and directed by the State.

- theBushwhacker

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