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Note: The above definition of Freedom is not only the definition, but the requirement of all that would be free.

The Mission of theBushwhacker.com

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In other words, “thou shalt not steal”.

We offer to the prospective political representative and his or her constituents a unique perspective on the Constitution, the decisions of the Supreme Court, and the relationship of each to society.  We criticize the adversarial relationships between the innocent citizen at large and the onerous intimidation of the workings of the state and an irresponsible media who’s duty is to inform the populace with the cold hard edge of TRUTH wherever it is found and bring it, without bias nor avarice to the attention of the people.   We do not have all the answers to the challenges that face the Nation, but offer first a workable definition of freedom as it describes a free individual functioning in a free society.  His individual authority and responsibilities versus the powers and duties of the state as they interface with the sovereignty of the individual and the compelling interest of the State.   We welcome spirited debate and input on these issues as they relate to the protections and powers of the Constitution.  Log on and let us know who you are and, most importantly, what you think. ( And just as importantly, why you think it. We are especially interested in new ideas that replace the failed policies of the past.  Among those offered here are suggestions requiring, for example, prefunding of retirement for every child upon live birth, elimination and replacement of the income tax, re-evaluation of all laws and regulations that require an unwarranted adversarial relationship between the innocent at large and the powers of the state, elimination of Workman’s Comp. in favor of an individually owned benefits package funded by both the employee and the employer and relying on private sector instruments, etc. and so-on.  We hope to give you a different paradigm of thought and understanding than you may be accustom.  To that end we offer solutions to economic and social problems we believe to be more compatible with the original and valid intent of the Constitution and it’s authors. Appropriate law for a society of truly free people.  It is one thing to offer criticism, it is another and more valuable pursuit to promote reason.

TheBushwhacker is my alter ego.  It is that part of me that still wants to believe that just about any issue can be resolved if the fundamental facts and pertinent principles are sought and applied to the problem as the truth is revealed. To that end we make no purchase of religion or morality and embrace the entirely secular. We eschew the tangent in favor of the common linear approach to our thinking.  We challenge the expedient and promote the empirical and forensic and that which can be tested by linear deduction within the common meaning of our common language.  Our mission is to seek only the truth as best we can determine the truth.

Our primary concern:

The greatest danger to our Republic are the servants of expediency who have little or no regard for the bulwarks of principle on which the Republic was founded.  Over those bulwarks, which  are the cornerstone of just law, will eventually march the agents of tyranny.  tB

A case illustrative of this point is the 1973  Supreme Court decision known as Roe vs Wade.  The entire case was predicated and decided not on any compelling empirical or forensic evidence pointing to the absence of life or personage of the unborn individual, but entirely on expedient supposition convenient to the agenda of the Court.  Another and more recent such decision was reached in the now infamous Kelo vs City of New London case. In the former the unborn individual was denied due process for the expedient cause of emancipating the female from the consequences of her sexual activity.   In the latter the individual at large was denied Constitutional protection to the taking of his property by the State for the sake of economic expediency.   This is how the Court has earned the proper title of “The Servants of Expediency.”

If we do not deal with our circumstances ultimately and always our circumstances will deal with us and almost always in an unkind way. tB

“Most people do not really want freedom. because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility.”  Sigmund Freud


TheBushwhacker motto:
“Truth is patient and waits in ambush for both the lie
and the liar.”
Indeed, in the end, truth waits in ambush for us all. tB


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