Jun 02

Taxes and the death of the Republic

  Taxes and the death of the Republic by  theBushwhacker.com AND THE PATH TO SALVATION THROUGH UNDERSTANDING OF THE FACTS AND THE ACQUISITION OF WISDOM. If you are under the age of 30 pay attention.  Only your generation has the potential to change this destiny.  The rest of us wouldn’t do it. It’s up to… Read More

Jul 03

Essay on Freedom.

Freedom Defined: I can define it, you can’t. Learn Why!! Essay By Dr.James K. Hahn. No public servant should ascend to elected office without knowing how to define freedom and why that is important! Did you ever notice that truth is often difficult to discover, yet when revealed astonishingly simple?  The kind of “Oh! I… Read More

May 21

The Servants of Expediency, a commentary on Roe vs. Wade

Therefore Life begets only Life.

Jan 19

Justice Douglass’ 1973 Opinion concurring in Roe vs Wade. An Amicus against Tyranny and the ACA Health Care Mandate

Title: Freedom and The National Healthcare Debate.  By James K. Hahn 2/13/2013 and prior. While I can demonstrate that Roe was rooted in an unprovable negative presumption regarding the presence of life in the fetus and therefore flawed, never the less the comments he (Justice Douglass) made in his concurring statement support the liberties and… Read More

Aug 21

the Road Kill and Roe v Wade

  the Road Kill                                                                                          By theBushwhacker ©1998 I was down south awhile back, visiting some friends, and happened by the local drug store where a wise old Judge, long since retired from the bench, and the daughter of the store owner, a law student recently returned from an Eastern University, were engaged in conversation… Read More

Jul 28

The Public Debt

Time’s UP. The chances of repaying this debt are slim to none.     The Public/National Debt. <Click here for the National Debt Clock      

Nov 01

The Old “NEW” Nuclear Fuel: Thorium

An old overlooked technology using an alternative to Uranium fueled nuclear reactors may now be the answer to the energy problems of the planet.   It is called Thorium 232 and is a radioactive fissile material that appears to be superior for energy production to Uranium and Plutonium.  If new reactors can be designed and developed… Read More

Aug 23

The Electric Highway

THE ELECTRIC HIGHWAY ©By James Hahn There is no such thing as a hybrid automobile powered by gasoline and electricity. There are only gas powered cars and coal powered cars. We must stop pretending that we haven’t been duped by a clever oligarchy of pseudo”progressive” lackeys. Electric cars are a great idea.  But they run… Read More